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Built in 1745 in the heart of Saddleworth lies the 'Cross Keys Inn'. It is situated on the old Marsden Packhorse route and first opened as a Tavern in 1753. (Some believe that Jim was actually first at the bar on opening night!)

The Inn is host to one of the longest running Folk Clubs in the North West of England and is hosted by Jim Schofield. We meet every Wednesday evening in the much acclaimed "Buckley's Kitchen", a small intimate room with a stone flagged floor and a big, ancient cooking range. The club is regularly visited by artists from home and abroad who never fail to entertain. Why not come along for an evening of good music and entertainment, we are quite sure you will not be dissapointed. 

Buckley's Kitchen

The Red Room

The Barn

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That must surely have been one of the best sing arounds that we have had for some time. We all had a cracking night. Lets hope that the quality of future singers night either equal or surpass this one. Well done to all who took part and well done to all those who turned up.

This week is rather special once again. On Wed 3rd June we have Nic Dow with us once more.

A review by Gavin Aitken which can be seen in this weeks issue of 'Song and Dance' is as follows :-

The new Nick Dow album includes two fairly big surprises. The first is that, if you don’t know Nick Dow’s singing, on hearing this CD, you could be forgiven for being amazed that you haven’t heard much more of him over the years. He’s seriously good. The thing you probably won’t forget is his voice, which is a warm and generous toned instrument that makes me think of butter melting into a slice of hot toast made of the most flavoursome brown bread you can find. Your image might be different, but no doubt you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying. More than that, Nick has done his homework properly, learning and collecting songs from Dorset and Lancashire, and from the Gypsy community, with which he has also worked extensively.Sure, some traddies prefer rougher voices, but in a fair and reasonable world, that smooth and pleasant quality should make him more marketable. The second surprise is for folks who know his accompanied singing, for although he’s a gifted and seasoned guitarist,

Nick has left his strings and frets to one side for the whole of this recording. This is  a fine collection of songs among them interesting variations of songs you’ve likely heard before.

Some have interesting scales that would defeat a singer with a lesser ear, and the occasional decorations are beautifully articulated. There’s even the occasional well-aimed and appropriate chuckle, which is a damned hard thing to pull off. So what are Unaccompanied’s great songs? Of the well-known ones, ‘The Light Horseman’(which he calls  ‘Pity a Lover’) stands out,as does ‘The Factory Girl’. I don’t recall hearing the wonderfully dramatic ‘The Hare’s Lament’ before, and I really like the resignation of ‘The Cruel Wars’ and the torrid intensity of’ One Night As I Lay On My Bed’. 

Dont miss out on what i'm sure is going to be a great night.

As usual 8:00 for 8:30pm


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Cross Keys Inn

Our hosts, Dave, Sharon, Becks and Craig would like to welcome you to their traditional country pub and join them for a warm welcome, great atmosphere, fine cask ales and traditional       freshly prepared home cooked food.   

We have several rooms throughout the pub which can be dined in or booked for any occasion, we have a large beer garden to the rear and children's play area.  We also have a large covered terrace and outside seating to the front.

Opening times:

Our hours of food service are:

Monday - Friday  12:00 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 20:30

Saturday            12:00 to 20:30

Sunday              12:00 to 19:30

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